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Faux Jumbo Pampas Grass

Faux Jumbo Pampas Grass

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These custom built faux artificial pampas grass are a jumbo extra large size of 120cm and have 28 branches . The cheaper faux pampas on the market are 110 cm with 18 branches . These super deluxe faux are meant to transform your home with their enormous flower and size . Their colour is a blend of brown , mink , beige and slightly purplish tones in very bright sunlight . Their colour will change depending where placed and will add splendor to your home decor . Pampas is ubiquitous and can be used in casual or formal settings. It's the perfect touch for a large farmhouse ceramic vase, Boho casual decor, or a modern floor vase. They embody a tasteful and lavish atmosphere to weddings, showers or any event you are artistically creating. 

Get the beautiful Pampas look without the mess

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