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Pampas grass Jumbo fluffy Dried tall floral reed

Pampas grass Jumbo fluffy Dried tall floral reed

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Our Cortaderia Equita Natural Dried Cream Beige pampas grasses bring a unique charm to any home decor. Depending on the lighting, colors can range from light cream to dark beige, creating an elegant contrast. Each stem is hand-picked and selected for its value based on the size of its flower, with larger, more mature flowers being the most precious. Offering a feathery texture, this rare species will add an exquisite touch to any living space. Price is per stem.

  • Jumbo Deluxe = 4ft tall with a dried flower of 2-3 feet ( very rare).
  • Large = 4 ft tall with a large flower of 2 ft .
  • The difference between both is flower size
*To ensure the freshest quality, please allow an additional 7-10 days for shipping.
* Bulk Orders are available please contact us for discount pricing.
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